Sunday, October 08, 2006

another fo! this is totally complete...i promise :)

yay! so, unlike my clapotis, this is a totally finished object. i wove in the ends and everything! LOL. (and no....i still haven't woven in the ends of my clapotis....still waiting for those fairies to do it)

anyway...this is the kirsten dunst pithy hat. it was so simple and worked up quite quickly (at least....quick for me....i only worked on it on breaks at work).

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

eeek! the link to my shop in the last post didn't work for some here's the real link :)

sorry about that!

thanks for looking....i have a new set of markers up as favorite set :)

Friday, September 29, 2006

stitch markers!

so, i've been thinking of what i want to sell in my etsy shop and decided to make a couple of sets of stitch markers. i have one set in my shop right now, and i'll add the other sets soon. i figure it would be best to add one thing to my shop per day, just to kind of help my stuff be seen. i think if you add it all at once, it gets lost in the miasma of crafts that get posted on that site.

anyway...blogger's being a pain and won't let me post pics, but you can check out my shop to see the pics. i call them 'ice queen' and they're part of a special series of markers i'm going to call 'lucky 7's'. i've noticed most people only sell their markers in sets of 4 or 5, so i thought it would be nice to add a few more so people will have matching sets when they need to use a lot of markers (like the clapotis.....i think it calls for 14 markers lol....)

cherry blossoms <---link to my shop

Saturday, September 23, 2006

we have lift off!!!

yay! i'm so excited :D i finally finished with the knitting part of my clapotis. its so bright and cheery and now i can't WAIT for it to get cold! i've been trying on it several different ways, but i'm not sure i'll use it so much as a shawl. i'm more of a scarf person :) all i need to do to finishe is weave in all the ends from the 6 balls of artyarns supermerino i used to knit this baby :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

so it's slow going...but that could be due to the fact that every other week i've had to deal with sinus problems and allergies. for the past week i've had a sinus infection made worse by the rain and humid weather. i'm feeling much better now, though, and have been a knitting fool since i don't have to stop every 3 seconds to blow my nose haha :D

my clapotis is nearing its completion. i have 3 repeats of the decrease and then the last section to go. i'm quite excited about it :D

i've also started on the kirsten dunst pithy hat (spiderman version) its funny....i'm using the almost EXACT same colorway as what was used to knit the original. and i didn't even mean to! i just loved the colors and thought they were very fall inspired :) i'm using koigu kppm (you may ask yourself....will she ever use that darn yarn for socks? not until i learn sock knitting, my friends.....) because its slightly stretchy and the gauge goes well with my insanely tiny skull.

and, well.....its koigu.

in other news:
i've recently taught a co-worker to knit and SHE IS OBSESSED! its so great! someone like me! we're taking a trip to yarns2ewe and possibly yarntopia (we have to see how we're doing on time...its hard to make plans with one's co-workers...they usually work when you don't :( ). we're also bringing along a hooking co-worker...maybe we can bring her over to the dark side (insert evil maniacal laugh here). but then again, i did ask her to teach me a bit of crochet since i bought the happy hooker but have yet to understand it. hooray for random dense-ness!

tomorrow will be a day in yarn history. wish me luck, friends :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

*hides* now i'm sure you've realized i'm no good at deadlines. i THINK i realized why i wasn't able to finish anything for a while.....TV. yes i sit and knit and watch tv...but then i start getting so into the show i'm not able to finish what i'm knitting and it gets put to the side. right now, i have no tv.
daniel and i never got cable installed here at the new place :) we tend to watch a lot of anime and movies now, so i have a bit more time to knit.

i STILL don't have any FO's, BUT BUT BUT! i do have some pictures of some almost FO's and WIP'S :D buckle your seatbelts!

first up we have the almost finished anthropologie inspired capalet. i just need to finish knitting the other sleeve (which i didn't start because silly me forgot to count how many rows i knit for the first sleeve.....D'OH!) then seam them and sew the loose ends. its too hot to wear right now, anyway. in case you don't remember, i'm making this in moda dea cache in the smartie colorway. i've used just under 4 balls of it (there will be enough left over for a cute wrist cuff or something :)

next up is CLAPOTIS!!! i just had to jump on the bandwagon and start this. there's a KAL on crafster and after seeing all the beautiful finished ones there, i had to start my own. the only thing is the color! the yarn i chose is NOT something i'd normally pick out for myself. it just screamed clapotis to me for some reason. i'm actually quite enjoying the colors and the pattern. i'm going to see my mom monday, and if she likes it i'll have to knit her a super secret one for christmas. shhh don't tell! i chose to splurge (haha for me its splurging....) and use artyarns supermerino in colorway103. its bright and cheery and reminds me of the beach for some reason :)
these pictures are the best i could do with no natural lighting....the color of the yellow is more ripe banana than green and RIPENING banana....but you get the idea. its laced with a really pretty pink and bright green and is darkened in small bits by a great burghandy/brownish color. i'm really enjoying how it looks!

ok wait....i lied earlier on in this post.....i do have ONE teeny weensy little FO.... i made a cable! i use old tin cans as my needle holders to artfully display my needle collection and i wanted to jazz them up a bit. so i thought 'what better way to learn to cable' than to make a cute little can cozy :) its made with good old wool ease in a nice turqoise color. the picture doesn't do it justice at all...its much brighter in RL :)

so that's whats been going on with me! i've got 3 more balls to go to finish my clapotis, and measly sleeve to finish my capalet, and i'm sure i'll start something else here fingers are itching for projects!! i'm really wanting to try my hand at entrelac, but i'm not quite sure how advanced that is compared to my current knitting status. cables weren't as hard as i thought they would be, so i'm looking for a slightly more advanced cable to make a cute purse with. i'm definately going to try out 'fetching' from knitty as soon as i find some pretty yarn to work with :) i just have such tiny hands that i'm sure they won't fit me! i'm no good at figuring gauge LOL. ah and learn, right?

more soon :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

ok so i didn't do so hot with setting a time limit on my last knit, but this time i'm going to get it done :) i started back up on my anthropologie capalet thingie and i'm going to have it finished by sunday. i've been working on it on and off since saturday, and should have it done by sunday. i know this isn't the time limit i had originally set for it, but i feel this limit is a bit more reasonable. :)

i'll post pics when i'm done :) i'm so excited!! i'm nearing the end of very first wearable knitted item :)